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Our ten step cremation process helps to reassure that your loved one is well cared for at all times and that the cremated remains returned to you are those of your loved one. We are committed to every family we serve.

One - Our family serving your family

The Wareham Village Funeral Homes has strict procedures that we will adhere to before during and after we care for your loved one and family.

Two - Safeguarding your loved ones identity

A personal identification band is placed on your loved one when transferred into our care.

Three - Photo Identification process

When required by law and if your loved one passes away in a large healthcare facility or by your request, we arrange for a basic profile photo identification process to positively identify him or her prior to cremation.

Four - Crematory Unique Tracking System

Upon arrival at the crematory, your loved one is logged into a tracking system and assigned an identification number and tag. This number and tag is used to track every phase of the cremation process. The tracking system includes the date and time of arrival at the facility and the name of the cremation technician. Everything is tracked both on paper and electonically on and offsite backup systems are used. The exact status of the process is tracked continuously.

Five - The Crematory

Two crematory technicians, one administrator, the crematory superintendent, the Medical Examiner’s Office liaison and the Funeral Home staff are those who care for your loved one prior, during and after cremation. The technicians and funeral home staff members review all required paperwork upon arrival to the crematory. The paperwork again is checked by the Administrator and stored by electronic and paper files.

Six - Prior to cremation

The technicians make sure the remains are properly cared for prior, during and after cremation. The Medical Examiner Liaison will perform the necessary requirements of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Just prior to cremation the crematory identification number is noted in a logbook which is also maintained electronically. The name, identification number, date, time and the technicians name.

Seven - During the cremation process

A check list and identification card are kept outside of the cremation chamber during the process. The technicians follow strict rules and procedures to ensure a safe cremation. They closely monitor the process.

Eight - After the cremation process

The technicians process the cremains and place them into a temporary container for transportation.

Nine - Certification

The funeral home staff verifies along with the technicians the crematory identification on the temporary container. A Certificate of cremation is issued by the crematory and the cremains are released to the funeral home.

Ten - Conveyance

We will contact you to schedule a time for you to receive your loved one.

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