Cremation & Costs

Cremation is a form of disposition. Currently the most common form of disposition is earth burial, though the choice of cremation is rising. If one chooses cremation, a funeral service is still available. Visiting hours, a church service, graveside service or memorial service are still available choices if one selects cremation. Saying farewell is an important part of accepting a loss. Being able to grieve and celebrate the life and memories of a loved one will help in the healing process.

Our current and most affordable cremation service as shown on our General Price List  is $1,760.00  This amount is for a local immediate, direct cremation or cremation without any attended rites or ceremonies.

  • We are a Massachusetts licensed Funeral Home, family owned and operated.
  • Local transportation from place of death to the funeral home.
  • Completion of necessary paperwork.
  • Sheltering of deceased as needed (MA requires a 48 hour waiting period).
  • Minimum crematory required ridged cremation container.
  • Local transportation to a licensed Massachusetts crematory.
  • Crematory fee
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Medical Examiners fee.
  • Temporary cremation container for cremains.
  • Transportation of cremated remains from crematory to our facility or local delivery of cremated remains.
  • We also offer a website listing and website guestbook.

Downloadable forms:

Release Authorization
(formats: pdf)

Funeral Home Identification Disclosure
(formats: pdf or Microsoft Word)

River-Side Authorization for cremation and disposition
(formats: pdf)

Vine Hills Authorization for cremation and disposition
(formats: pdf)

Cremation process disclosure
(formats: pdf)

Vital statistics
(formats: pdf)

What questions should I ask of my funeral or cremation provider?

  1. Are they a licensed Massachusetts facility in good standing?
  2. Are they a licensed Massachusetts Funeral Director in good standing?
  3. Who is transferring my loved one and are they licensed to do so?
  4. Can I ask to see a State issued License or identification provided by the Div. of Professional Licensure? (Yes)
  5. Where are you temporarily sheltering my loved one?
  6. Can we meet with the funeral director?
  7. Will the funeral director return our loved ones cremains?

Check a License: